Publications and Presentations

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In Preparation

  1. Kenneth Daily, Tiffany Alexander, Isaac Brownell. "Sequencing and characterization of Merkel cell polyomavirus integrations in Merkel cell carcinoma tumors."
  2. Kenneth Daily, Amy Coxon, Daniel G Coit, Klaus J Busam, Isaac Brownell. "Genome-wide copy number analysis of Merkel cell carcinoma."
  3. Kenneth Daily, Amy Coxon, Isaac Brownell. "Identification of somatic changes in Merkel cell carcinoma by whole exome sequencing."

Presentations and Posters

  1. "MotifMap: Genome-Wide Map of Regulatory Binding Sites." Poster, HTS to P4 Medicine Conference. UCI, Irvine, CA, February 2011. (PDF)
  2. "MotifMap: Genome-Wide Map of Regulatory Binding Sites." NLM Informatics Training Conference. Denver, CO, June 2010. (abstract, PDF)
  3. "Analysis of the Ty3 Retrotransposon in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using Transposition Assays and High Throughput Sequencing Technologies." NLM Informatics Training Conference. Portland, OR, June 2009. (abstract, PDF)
  4. "Data Structures and Compression Algorithms for High-Throughput Sequencing." Poster. International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology. Stockholm, Sweden, June 2009. (abstract, PDF)